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Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see someone suffering from kyphosis. You’ll notice a kind of a hunchback or a curved spine. Kyphosis is a health problem that affects both men and women. Usually, men tend to develop the condition when they exaggerate weight lifting. Among women, the most common cause is osteoporosis.


 When no treatment for kyphosis is sought it continues to get worse.  Activies become limited when trying to perform normal day to day functions. The simple rise of a box above the head of a person suffering from Kyphosis is impossible. 

Discipline is the most important help to Kyphosis.  Patients need to contradict their own body and make sure to maintain good posture. But how is this achieved?

One of the best things you can do are exercises for kyphosis. Exercises for kyphosis focus specifically on the part of your body that is most affected and help you improve a rounded upper back.

Researchers have analyzed exercises for kyphosis and concluded that when you have strong back muscles, your kyphosis angles will decrease.

Here are 4 exercises for kyphosis:

#1: The Mirror Image

In this exercise, stand tall. If you want, you can be against a wall. Then, tuck your chin and slightly bring your head over your shoulders. Make sure that your shoulder blades go up and down according to your head movement.  Try to hold the position for 30 seconds.

#2: The Life Extension

The main goal of this exercise is to strengthen your back muscles and stretch your chest tight. You should begin the exercise by standing tall, with your shoulder blades down and back, and your chest upright.   Raise both arms up until you form a Y.  While in this position, make sure to take 3 deep breaths, keeping the focus on maintaining the good posture.

#3: The Head Retraction

This is a great exercise for your neck muscles.  Lie on the floor and pull your chin back towards the floor. This should seem like you are making a double chin.  Hold the position for about 15 seconds and repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times.

#4: The Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling

This is also an exercise while lying on the floor. This time, use a foam roller.  Put the foam roller under you, on your mid back. Then, roll up and down on the roller. You’ll be massaging the muscles of the thoracic spine as well as the muscles of the back.

These are 4 kyphosis exercises you can do but there are many others that will also help. Another option to complement exercise is the use of a kyphosis brace. So, make sure to check our top posture braces section.

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