4 Tips To Fix Posture

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No matter if you’re walking, driving your car, at your workplace, or sleeping, you need to know how to fix posture in every situation.

#1: How To Fix Posture When You’re Sitting:

– Make sure that your chairs and desks are right for your height.

– Consider using an ergonomically design chair that offers good support.

– Arrange your monitor to be at a more upwards angle or be eye level with the top third of the monitor. 

– Try to keep your shoulders square and straight, your head upright, and your neck, back, and heels well aligned.

– Taking standing breaks and even stretch during pause times.

-Use a stand-up desk or a posture support for sitting such as the BetterBack.

#2: How To Fix Posture When Walking:

When you’re walking,  try to maintain the same posture as when you’re standing.  Keep your head up, chest out, shoulders back, and your eyes looking straight ahead. Some people have the tendency to push their head forward but avoid it.   Get a posture corrector to help with walking such as the Bax-U.

#3: How To Fix Posture When Sleeping:

It may be difficult to have good posture while you’re sleeping. However, there are some things you can do for prevention:

– Use a mattress built for spinal alignment.

– Sleep on your side instead of sleeping on your stomach or back.

– Use a small pillow between your knees.

– Use a pillow to provide support for the shoulders and head but don’t use a big one.

#4: How To Fix Posture When Driving:

Adjust the way you sit in your car. Make sure you have your head one the headrest and the seat.  Be especially careful with the distance towards the steering wheel and the pedals.   Use a posture strap while driving for support.

There’s a lot more you can do to improve your posture. Make sure that you read more on how to fix posture so your overall health can benefit.

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