Affiliate Disclosure is an affiliate program funded site.   To clear up confusion with site content or manufacturer relationships, we created this disclosure to give readers transparency on how we generate revenue.   We are disclosing this in compliance with the FTC’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.“ 16 CFR, Part 255

Free Products

Manufacturers have not shipped us free products for review.   We purchase each product for the full-length reviews.  Products with reviews of 750+ words go through a testing process of five areas:  effectiveness, comfort, ease of use, price, and company reputation.    Product reviews of less than 750 words are summaries of reviews from 3rd party unbiased review sources.   Companies that provide these reviews are:

Companies that have provided us a discount on their products for review:

Wobble Chair

Affiliate Links

Throughout the site, links to products are affiliate links.  If you click the links and make a purchase, we are paid a commission on the sale, which does not cost anything to our site visitors or purchasers of the products from our site.

We may provide a coupon for a product to our site visitors.  This coupon acts as a tracking mechanism to be paid commissions.   Not all companies pay us a commission.  To provide absolute transparency to our site visitors, we have direct affiliation relationships with the following companies:

SmartBack Brace

We also link the reviews to e-commerce sites that pay us a commission for a sale.   In this case, there is no direct relationship with the manufacturer of the product but a relationship with an e-commerce company.   The current e-commerce companies we work with are:

3rd Party Content

We do not distribute 3rd party sponsored, syndicated, or guest content on our website.  All the content was written by our editors and is under our full control.

Our Reviews

We developed this website to showcase the wide variety of products available for posture.    Manufacturers are now launching new “smart” devices that can benefit posture beyond the traditional brace.   Our site enables product research.    Posture products are subjective to the individual user.   The best product for us may not be the best one for another consumer.   We do not expect that all consumers will agree with our top reviews.

Our reviews will not promote a product that we believe is unhealthy, unethical, or faulty.   There is no one “perfect” choice for consumers.   By providing reviews, detail about the manufacturer, and videos demonstrating the product, we give consumers information to make their own decisions.  Opinions on our site are not final verdicts.   Some companies that pay affiliate commissions are not promoted on our site because the product did not meet the high standards we expect.

Outdated Content

On June 1, 2017, was sold and transferred to new ownership.   The current ownership team did not write content on the site before that time.  As a result, there may be reviews on the site before June 1, 2017, that are not reflective of our true opinions.  We are continually making updates to fix accuracy.