Best Posture Braces for Sitting At A Desk

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Get up out of that seat and stand up more! We all love to relax from time to time, especially after a hard day at work. However, too much sitting can be bad for our back.

When we sit down, some of our muscles including the hamstrings and abdominal muscles become shorter.

Others, including the gluteus maximus and erector spinal muscles, are lengthened. What does this mean for posture? The strain on our muscles causes an imbalance and our spine becomes curved. If you sit down for a prolonged period, your body becomes used to this flexed position of the spine. Over time, it stays this way – even when you stand up!

The problem for many of us, of course, that “a hard day at work” often involves sitting down all day! This is a pretty major problem if you think about how easy it can be to develop unhealthy habits when sitting at a computer.

Thankfully, back braces for posture may be the thing that helps. Having said this, no posture brace makes it safe to sit in front of a computer for hours on end! You still need to make sure you get up and do some exercise and stretch every so often!

We’re going to take a quick look at some of the most popular posture braces for use at a desk.

backrx coverBack Rx Nada Chair

One of the reasons back braces designed specifically for use at desks are so effective is because of the way they’re designed to provide support regardless of if there’s a back to the seat you’re using. These things are also useful for people who need to sit in stadium seats or those who need to use public benches that don’t have backs. This feature is referred to in the name of one of the most popular options: the Nada Chair by Back Rx.

The Back Rx Nada Chair uses reverse pressure from your knees in order to support your back. This might sound complex, but this means it buckles around your knees, giving you a comfortable, rigid surface you can use to support your lower back. This product is also available for children in the KiddyRx model. Widespread recognition of its brand has made it one of the more expensive options, however.

verti back posture braceVerti Back

The Verti Back is among the most affordable of back braces for posture correction that remain critically acclaimed despite its low price. Like the others mentioned here, it straps onto you, buckling over your knees to provide you with back support even when there’s nothing behind you that you can lean on. Verti Back is, to an extent, designed to help your body “self-train” itself back into good posture; it’s claimed that it can provide this if used for a minimum of twenty minutes a day (although some, as we shall see, claim to have similar effects with less use!).

The Verti Back isn’t quite as portable as the other products on this list. It doesn’t fold up into a tight ball the way that many others do. But it’s not exactly the heaviest product in the world; its size and weight still make it a good portable solution, which makes it perfect if you’re porting it from home to the office and back again. It’s gained recognition from many users for having a thicker back padding than more expensive competitors, which can certainly make it great value for money.

Better Back posture braceBetterBack

When you think of the sort of things that make big waves on the crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you probably think of video games and independent films. A back brace doesn’t exactly sound like something that would get public attention in this way… right? Well, the BetterBack brace drew about $3 million in funding by the public from these platforms (probably helped by its appearance on Shark Tank which had all the “sharks” wanting to invest!), and it has been a number one bestseller on

It’s not much more expensive than the other two options, though it’s certainly a little more luxurious and stylish. This brace is specifically designed to be worn for at least fifteen minutes a day to improve long-term posture. Many users have compared this to the Nada Chair and found the BetterBack to be both effective and comfortable.

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