How To Choose a Posture Bra

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A posture bra is a great option to improve posture because it’s something women can wear under clothes. And since a bra is something you wear anyway, putting it on is no more hassle than normal.  When purchasing a posture bra,  choose the right one.  Here are a few tips:

First, Ask for a Professional Recommendation

A starting point for your search is to ask a professional for a recommendation. If you have a chiropractor or doctor you see for back pain or other issues; they will give you advice. They’ll be able to give you a medically-approved recommendation and will base their recommendation on studies, the experiences of other patients, and their own opinions.

Focus on Correct Sizing

The most important thing to consider when you look for a posture bra is the size. Like any bra, you should have a choice of back sizes and cup sizes. An incorrect size will not give optimal posture support. Getting the right size can be difficult because sizing varies between brands. To start with, consider your usual bra size, assuming that you wear the correct one (which many women don’t). Next, look at any comments previous purchasers have made about the fit. They will often say if it was smaller or larger than they expected, or if it fits correctly.

Choose Adjustable Sizing

It’s difficult to get an exact and comfortable fit on a posture bra. One issue is that many fasten at the front, so you don’t have a choice of hooks like with a normal bra. However, some do offer a choice of fastening positions so that you can adjust the tightness. Another issue is that posture bras don’t have straps that you can adjust in the same way as you can a standard bra. However, there are several models that allow you to adjust the straps in slightly different ways. Some have hooks on the shoulders, for example. Choosing an adjustable posture bra helps you to ensure that you can get the right fit.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before you decide which bra is right for you, consider your lifestyle. Think about where you want to wear the bra. For example, some use a material that wicks away sweat and makes the bra ideal for anyone sporty or active. You’ll feel comfortable working out in a bra such as this. A posture bra tends to cover a larger area than even a sports bra. Your skin needs to be able to breathe if you’re getting sweaty.

Read the Reviews

When you start shopping for posture bras, you can be overloaded with products and no clue as to what to buy. As with any purchase, looking at the ratings and reviews is a great first step to choosing the right posture bra for you. You can look at available products on Amazon, where you can see the top rated products and read more in-depth reviews. Online review sites offer longer reviews and will analyze products from different angles to help you choose the right one.

Balance Support and Comfort

When you’re looking at potential posture bras, you need to get the right balance between comfort and posture support. A posture bra should help to correct your posture gently and shouldn’t feel uncomfortable while you’re wearing it. When you look at possible bras, don’t forget to read the description and any reviews thoroughly. Once you’ve ordered a bra or found one while out shopping, you need to try it on. Don’t take any tags off until you’re sure that it feels comfortable. Your posture bra needs to fit your shoulders, as well as your bust and underbust. When you try it on, make sure it’s not digging in or too loose. Move around a bit to see how comfortable it feels. It shouldn’t be causing you any pain. It’s also a good idea to put your clothes on over the bra too.

Don’t Hesitate to Make a Return

Remember that if you don’t feel entirely comfortable in the posture bra you bought, you don’t have to keep it. Returning purchases can be a bit annoying, but the time you save isn’t worth spending money on a bra that doesn’t work for you. If you can afford to, you can consider buying a couple of different bras or sizes so that you can return whichever ones don’t work out for you. This makes the purchase process a bit easier because it increases your chances of finding a bra that fits you comfortably and gives you the support you need. If something you try on doesn’t work for you, return it and get your money back so you can make sure you get a bra that does fit.

If you’re looking for a posture bra, take a good look at what’s available before you choose one. You should compare different factors and make sure to try them on before settling on the right one for you.

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