Do Posture Braces Work? Yes They Do

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Do posture braces work? What do they do exactly?

We all tend to develop bad posture over the years. You may work several hours at a desk,  have a sedentary life, or even sleep in awkward positions.  All will eventually reflect on your posture.

A posture brace is a kind of a vest that restrains your muscles so your back can stay in an upright position, without requiring any extra effort.

The main cause that leads to bad posture is losing your muscle tone in the torso, abs, and core.   As that takes place the tendency is to slouch the shoulders, which makes posture even worse.

When using a posture brace, it helps rebuild these muscles and maintain an upright position – your natural position.


Now that we answered the question “Do posture braces work?”, it’s important to understand why you need good posture.

First, good posture will make you look thinner and taller.  You’ll also look more confident. Just think about someone you know that is confident. Do they slouch their shoulders? How do they sit and walk? See what we’re talking about?!

The second reason is when you slouch, you’re not allowing enough oxygen into your lungs. So, your energy level could be lower. You may start gaining weight or simply be tired all the time. Some people confuse this symptom with a lack of sleep.  Make sure this isn’t the case by looking in the mirror and evaluating whether you have poor posture.


If you need a posture brace, choose one right for your body type and lifestyle. There are many for sale where you’ll simply be throwing your money away.  The new posture braces are modern, comfortable, and can even be worn under clothing without others noticing.


Posture braces have come a long way in the last ten years.   To see our reviews check out best posture corrective braces.

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