Good Posture Makes You More Productive

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Good posture has been found to have a wide variety of benefits for your health and overall wellness. It improves core body strength as well as helping to prevent and relieve back pain and discomfort.

Back pain is the leading cause of disability both worldwide and in the United States, and most back pain can be partially or entirely prevented through postural correction.

In addition to these health benefits, there is another critical reason to pay attention to your posture. Recent research suggests that proper posture helps to increase focus and attention to work tasks, thereby improving your productivity.

The Connection Between Posture and Productivity

A major study of people who work with computers showed that poor posture leads to significant loss of workplace productivity that was attributable to a decrease in performance at work, and not to workplace absence.

In other words, poor posture significantly impacts your ability to do your job well, even if it is not causing you enough pain that you are taking sick leave.

good posture while sitting and working

Often as you are working, you will begin to slouch forward as you work unless you are taking active measures to keep your posture active and healthy. Slouching happens when you are not paying attention to your posture, and without being noticed.

Better posture also allows for full expansion of the chest, promoting adequate air entry into the lungs. This allows for improved oxygenation of the brain and other tissues of the body via of the blood, increasing mental clarity and alertness.

Additionally, active sitting with correct posture burns more calories and builds more muscle than sitting with improper or uncorrected posture.

Improving Your Posture

Unfortunately, most people struggle to maintain good posture independently.

While some people use a standing desk to correct this problem, others prefer to remain sitting to work, especially if they use a computer for much of the day. For this reason, many people turn to posture-correcting tools to help improve their posture while seated.

One of these tools is a posture band, also known as a “wearable chair.” One with the most favorable reviews is the Nada Chair BackUp, a posture band that supports the lumbar spine, promotes correct alignment, and prevents back pain.

view of the neck area where posture is important

This chair is comfortable, easy to apply and remove, and is adequately cushioned to prevent chafing and discomfort.

Users report increased productivity and ability to focus while using the brace as they can apply 100% of their energy to focusing on work. They get up from their desks less often and also report relieved pain and discomfort to the lower back.

Posture Correction with a Posture Trainer

Another example of tools used to improve posture is a posture brace or trainer. The Better Back is a posture brace that supports and helps to strengthen the lower back and muscles supporting the spine. This prevents inadvertent slumping forward and helps to maintain excellent posture, preventing back pain from occurring or worsening.

It is important to note the Better Back is not a temporary solution. It works to retrain and correct posture over time. Users report that their posture is improved overall and not only for the times when they have the brace on their body.

In addition, because there is a process to apply and remove the brace while seated, many users report increased productivity while wearing it since they are less likely to get up from their desk for non-urgent reasons.

Using a Plexus Wheel for Better Posture

Another important tool that is simple and convenient to use to improve your posture while sitting is the Plexus Wheel. This wheel is placed behind the back while seated and helps to maintain correct alignment while sitting at your desk. It also helps to release tension along the spine, decrease pressure, and alleviate back pain caused by pressure on the discs between vertebrae.

women with neck pain due to poor posture

The Plexus Wheel also prevents the slow, gradual slumping forward that many people experience when typing on a keyboard at a desk.

Using this tool to maintain good posture helps many people feel more awake, alert, and productive in the workplace.

Increase Your Productivity At Work

Maintaining good posture helps to keep you alert at work, increasing your concentration and focus. By avoiding slouching and keeping your spine in its natural alignment, you will keep your mind active and engaged and avoid losing concentration.

Posture trainers, braces, and wheels are important tools to use, both to prevent and relieve back pain and to increase productivity through posture correction.

For those who are seated at a computer for work, maintaining good posture is one of the most important things you can do to improve your work performance. By improving your posture, you will be able to focus and direct 100% of your mental and physical energy to your work and the tasks at hand.


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