Having Problems Correcting Posture?

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Many people don’t realize they have posture problems.  Forward head posture is a type of posture problem that stops people from doing many activities. Some of the symptoms of forward head posture are numbness in the arms and hands, pinched nerves, chronic pain, and improper breathing.

How do you correct forward neck posture?

#1: When you’re working on your computer:

Set your monitor according to the recommended position for optimum posture.  Raise it so that you the top third of the screen is at eye-level.  You need to make sure the distance between you and the monitor is 18 to 24 inches.

#2: Take quick breaks:

Taking quick breaks when working on the computer or watching TV. Just get up and walk for a bit every 30 minutes. This will dissipate the pressure on your back and neck.

#3: When you’re sleeping:

Buy a supportive neck pillow.  Buy a high quality mattress that provides spinal alignment.

#4: Simple head posture exercises:

– Do nose nods, also known as chin retractions.  Lay down on your back, making sure to bend your knees. Then, look at the ceiling and move your head forward, without moving your neck.

– Stretch your chest muscles.  Walk into a doorway and put your right arm against the right side of the door. Then, bend your elbow making sure that it’s on a 90º angle, and that your forearm is flush with the side of the door. Now, while keeping the forward in the same place, take a small step forward with your right foot.

– You can see more correcting forward neck posture exercises here.

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