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Established in 2011, Lumo Bodytech, based in Mountain View, California, and is owned by a trio of Stanford entrepreneurs who have an interest in optimizing performance and enabling people to achieve their goals.

Monica Perkash, Dr. Charles Wang, and Andrew Chang wanted to use the latest technology to improve performance by paying close attention to the biomechanics of the human body.

Over the years, the company has grown, and it now boasts an impressive product range, which includes the Lumo Lift Posture Corrector and Activity Coach and the Lumo Run sensor.

Introducing the Lumo Lift Posture Corrector

The Lumo Lift posture coach and activity tracker claims to improve your posture in just 14 days. This small device, which is worn under your shirt under the collarbone, is compatible with smartphones that operate on both iOS and Android systems. Once the device is in place, you can use the Lumo Lift free app to monitor your posture and improve the position of the spine when you’re sitting or standing. The RRP is $79.99.

How to use the Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is very easy to use. Once you’ve secured the device using the magnetic clasp, sit up straight and record your optimum posture. This will be stored, and every time you stray from this position, the Lumo Lift will generate a gentle vibration. This encourages you to return to the perfect position, reducing the risk of aches and pains in the back, neck, and shoulders and helping to prevent injuries in the future. The Lumo Lift is light and compact, weighing just 11.5g.

Additional Features

As well as correcting your posture, the Lumo Lift also boasts some additional features, including an activity tracker. Today, many of us have sedentary jobs, and we’re not as active as we should be. Using a simple tracker, we can get an accurate idea of how active we are on a daily basis. The app will track how many steps you take, the distance you travel and how many calories you burn. If your activity levels are low, you can make an effort to increase them and monitor your progress on your phone.

The Lumo Lift app records data on a daily basis, so you can keep an eye on your posture, track your progress on a daily basis and see how active you’ve been on an average day, week or month. The app will store up to 4 weeks of data, but you can record and access a lifetime of data via the cloud.

My Experience With Lumo Lift

When this arrived, I didn’t get to test it for a few weeks.

I opened the box and noticed how easy it is to use with clear instructions. They make the setup process as simple as can be.

I visited the URL they provided and downloaded the app on my Android. For some reason, when I tried to turn on the device (the first step in the app) it did not work.

I’m not sure why, but it could be because I was unable to test this for several weeks after it arrived and maybe the battery had run out. So I charged it up. It took a few hours, and the light turned green when it completed.

The magnet design and engineering of the Lumo Lift are ingenious. It is easy to charge because a magnet holds it right in place on the charger.

The Lumo Lift is a small device, so you have to keep track of it, especially if you have kids around. It could easily be lost or misplaced.

I got it charged up and was a little disappointed that I had to start back over at the beginning of the app. I had to refill in name, email, height, and weight. It seems you have to go all the way through the app to save it.

I did that then it came to a firmware update page, after connecting via Bluetooth. This took close to five minutes to update the Lumolift to the newest software – a cool feature that ensures that users can always get the latest updates for the device with the latest accuracy.

Setting up good posture is quick in the app. I sat up straight and pushed the button once. The app walks you through the whole process. It is really simple.

Wearing the Lumolift on Day One

I put it on with the magnet, under my shoulder blade. I got a couple of buzzes right way even when I wasn’t slouching much. It’s good to be reminded about posture throughout the day, so I wasn’t too concerned.

After a few hours, I noticed that 75% of the buzzes so far are not really when I am in a bad posture position. After wearing this four hours, I had about seven buzzes.

After that, it would no longer buzz me. I tried to slouch forward for 20 seconds, and nothing happened. I pulled up the app to try it again and got a buzz right away. I don’t know if it lost connectivity or not. I may have accidentally turned it off; I’m not sure.

The sensitivity on this thing is pretty extreme. Once it awhile it goes haywire and just starts buzzing. Then I have to reset it by pushing the button to train it again.

At least it is easy to reset it. I had to reset it many times during the day because I sometimes sit in different chairs, the couch, or walk around. Anytime I switch to a new sitting position it will buzz, and keep buzzing, so have to reset it. Not a big deal but it can be a hassle.

Wearing this on Day Two and On

It buzzes too often for me to consider this device useful.

One problem is I don’t exactly have a tight shirt to wear every day that presses it against my body. Maybe it would work better then. The instructions say to wear a tight shirt.

I have to reset it about thirty times per day. The reset is because I move into a new position or switch chairs. It keeps buzzing all the time, even when I am in a good posture positions. It is nice to be reminded to keep good posture, but it is too much.

The app is nice that keeps track of how many good posture minutes I had as well as the count of steps.


I would not buy the Lumo Lift unless you are prepared to put a lot of time and thought into your posture every day. It is hard to be continually having to push this device to reset it all the time.

The Lumo Lift posture corrector could help make you feel more comfortable if you have back pain. The concept is simple and could make a difference if you are to put in the effort to use it all day.

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