Train Yourself to Good Posture With These Devices

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Today, we’re looking at three products that can help train your posture (both muscles and mind). If you suffer from back pain or slouched shoulders, give this article a read.

betterback posture for deskBetterBack

Better Back is a posture correction product that’s aimed for people that sit at a desk all day. It addresses the issue of an aggravated arch in your lower back, which can cause pain.

How does BetterBack work?

The Better Back product works by training your posture muscles and helping you sit properly. It is a brace on your lower back with straps attaching below your knees and helps ensure certain muscles aren’t fatiguing, and others are working better. You will feel less stress in your lower back and hips, and more activation in your core and glutes.

This trains you to sit properly and helps reset your body’s default posture. So, even when you’re not using it, you will automatically sit and stand with better posture.


  • Helps ease back pain and tension immediately.
  • Trains your posture muscles to work properly.
  • Programs your muscular system to maintain good posture.
  • Comes in a portable bag so you can fit it in a handbag or backpack with ease.


  • Quite big when opened up and put on
  • Can be hard to adjust the straps properly when you first use it

BetterBack Review

You’ve seen how it works and what the pros & cons are, but, what are the reviews saying? Most people think this is a great product and has helped them sit properly without much pain at all. They also note that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing something as big as it looks, which is good.

There are a few people claiming this is bad for their knees when worn too much. But, it does say only 15 minutes a day should be what you need.

lumolift posture solutionLumoLift

The Lumo Lift is different to the other products in that it’s not a brace you wear that supports your body. However, it’s still very much a device used to help correct posture and keep you sitting better, standing taller, and feeling pain-free.

How Does LumoLift Work?

The Lumo Lift comes with a free mobile app that you need to download before you put it on. On the app, input details about yourself and pair your Lumo Lift device. Then, you put it on under your clothing right below your collarbone and using a magnetic clasp to keep it in place.

Then you can calibrate the device by getting into the perfect posture and pressing it three times which registers the posture and remembers it. Then, it tracks your posture throughout the day and shows you when you were slouching and how well you maintained the posture. You can even start a ‘coaching session’ where your device vibrates every time you slouch out of your good posture.

Essentially, it coaches you how to sit and stand.


  • Discreet and fashionable device
  • Helps coach you into a good posture naturally
  • Can notify you when you’re slouching
  • Free app that tracks your progress


  • Expensive for such a small device
  • Doesn’t help alleviate pain right away
  • Still, relies on your ability to maintain a good posture


People are quite positive about how this device looks and the idea behind it. It’s good if you’re someone with no pain that just wants to maintain a good posture.

However, people complain that it doesn’t help alleviate pain straight away and that there’s not a great deal of support. You’re mainly doing things on your own.

back view of the smart back braceSmart Back Brace

The next product is the Smart Back Brace which looks to address rounded and internally rotated shoulders. This is often also known as computer desk posture, as the nature of working at a computer causes us to slouch our shoulders forward and round our thoracic spine (upper back).

How Does Smart Back Brace Work?

The concept behind this brace is simple; it has straps that fit around your shoulders to help pull them back. It physically keeps you in a position where your shoulder blades are retracted, and you aren’t slouching them forward.

Here’s the cool thing, there are electronics within this back brace that notify you when you’re slouching. It can tell when your shoulders are too far forwards, and notifies you, which encourages you to bring them back into a non-slouched position. So, the brace actively trains you to stop slouching, which means you reprogram your muscles and central nervous system to be in that good position.

It can also track and display your progress on your smartphone so you can see how often you slouch and if you’re improving day by day.


  • Very small device which makes it easy to carry around and wear under a jacket or coat
  • Trains you to pull back your shoulders and activate your back muscles
  • Notifies you when you’re slouching
  • Helps reprogram your body to stop slouching even when you’re not wearing it
  • Comes with a free smartphone app


  • Quite expensive compared to other posture devices

Smart Back Brace Review

There are lots of positive reviews for the Smart Back Brace, with everyone saying it helped them improve their posture over time.

Many say the straps are easy to adjust and the product is simple to set up and wear. It’s not too heavy, and you don’t notice you’re wearing it. However, it’s advertised as saying you only need to wear it for 15 mins a day, and most people say they felt benefits only after wearing it for longer.

All in all, we have three different posture correction products that all serve the same purpose; get your spine back into its natural shape. If you struggle with rounded shoulders, the first product is the best option for you. If it’s lower back pain you’re suffering from, then the second should be your pick. Finally, if you’re pain-free and keep to maintain the best posture possible, the third option is ideal for you.

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