PostureNow Posture Strap Review

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PostureNOW is a strap that is worn around the biceps to help improve your posture. It can be worn under or over clothing and for as little as ten minutes per day.

man wearing posturenowPostureNOW was developed by Matt Franklin and Mike Lane after they realized that spending years stooped over a computer all day was impacting their posture. While searching for a solution to their problems, the co-creators of PostureNOW tried various posture correcting products, but none worked for them. After finding that most posture correcting products were uncomfortable, heavy, and embarrassing to wear, they decided to create their solution.

Chiropractors and physical therapists provided feedback in the development of the PostureNow. To ensure that the brace was effective, Matt and Mike tested it with friends and family. They reported finding that their posture improved, and as a result of their improved posture they also felt more confident.

The PostureNow back brace is probably one of the most famous posture correctors on the market. This brace rose to success after its inventors appeared on an episode of ABC TV show ‘Shark Tank’ and their audition video went viral on YouTube. Since then, PostureNOW has appeared on a range of major TV channels, including CNN, Fox News, Discovery Health, and Lifetime Network. The fact that the brace has appeared on TV multiple times suggests that its popularity is not due to how it works but also because people tend to trust things that TV channels endorse, and because of this, are more likely to buy them.

About the PostureNOW:

PostureNOW uses two armbands that are connected to an elastic strap to hold it in place, with the armbands secured around the biceps with a velcro fastening. There are three adjustment slots that can be used to make the bands larger or smaller, depending on the needs of the user. The brace also comes in two sizes, a regular and a large. The brace’s design is meant to allow it to quickly and easily correct posture, just as long as the brace is used and worn regularly.

Instructions for Wear

When it comes to putting the brace on, there are some simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Start by taking the tension band and adjusting it. The length of this can be adjusted to the length of the user’s chest if it’s too small.

Step 2: Then, close the velcro arm cuffs and slowly slide the tension band up to the top of your right bicep – this can also be adjusted, to ensure that it fits snuggly.

Step 3: Next, reach your left arm back, as if you were putting on a shirt sleeve, and slide your arm into the other cuff, moving the cuff up to the top of your left bicep.

Step 4: Wear the brace and use it to improve your posture. It is recommended that PostureNOW is worn for ten to 30 minutes once a day for 30 days for the best results.

The PostureNOW gently reminds the user to be mindful of their posture, encouraging them to sit up straight or stand without slouching. It is not a support brace; it’s a brace that’s made to help users re-train their core muscles, improving their posture naturally.

The tension band runs across the back of the wearer, staying loose when they stand up straight or sitting with their back straight and shoulders up. However, when the wearer begins to slump, the tension strap will tighten, reminding them to be more mindful of their posture and stop slouching – this shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable.

PostureNOW is designed to allow users to re-train their core muscles, teaching how to sit up straighter and not slouch over desks. By retraining the muscles, instead of pulling them back, this brace promises long-term posture improvement.

Cons of PostureNOW:

  • The cons of this brace include the fact that it’s hard to put on – it can be fiddly to take on and off.
  • The brace can be too small if your biceps are large in size.
  • Once the brace has been put on, the user doesn’t have much mobility – there’s not much free arm movement. The restricted arm movement that the brace causes means that it’s difficult to type on a keyboard while wearing it, which isn’t ideal as it’s advertised to be easy to use anywhere.
  • Sitting at a desk wearing PostureNOW doesn’t create good posture for all wearers.
  • The brace provides minimal support. Instead, it just pulls the shoulders back by forcing the arms back, which means that the user’s posture isn’t straight.
  • The fatal flaw with this product is the fact that one shoulder tends to be pulled back further than the other, meaning that users sat at their desks with one shoulder forward and other back, which isn’t very comfortable or good for the user’s posture.

Pros of PostureNOW:

  • The only pro of PostureNOW is the fact that it’s a low-cost product, making it affordable for most people. However, the quality of the product reflects the price.

My Experience:

I ordered the PostureNOW back brace online, which meant that I was given a discount, so the price I paid was $44.90. The price was lower than the majority of other posture support braces, and a more affordable option for anyone who is on a budget.

I was not expecting much from this product since the design is fairly simple and looks like it just pulls the shoulders back, which isn’t what I prefer when it comes to posture support. My expectations were low, but when I tried to put the brace on and use it, I pretty much gave up hope of using this product right away. The first issue was that the arm bands were too small for me, even on the largest setting. I had to ask my wife to put it on me because I was trying to wear it over my shirt and it didn’t work. After putting the brace on, I tried getting my shirt back on but did not have enough arm mobility even to put my shirt back on. The arm bands squeeze the arms too tight – it seems my arms were too large for this brace. I could barely even reach up to scratch my nose with this on.

The PostureNOW brace is designed to help improve your posture, but it didn’t even provide good posture support. I noticed myself slouching while sitting at a desk when wearing it. I thought the brace would quickly improve my posture, but that wasn’t the case.

When I did wear the brace, I couldn’t wear it for very long, and each time I used it, I couldn’t wait to take it off. It wasn’t comfortable like it was advertised to be.

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The PostureNOW brace is marketed as an amazing posture correcting product, but personally, I believe that there are much better posture products on the market. Products like the Bax-u and the Better Back, both of which are more comfortable, more effective, and not much more expensive.

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