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lady wearing smart back braceThe Smart Back Brace is a smart device to help improve posture. The company claims that by wearing the brace for just 15 minutes per day, a person can dramatically change their posture. Some people believe this is too good to be true; others are having success.

This review is going to tell you all you need to know about the Smart Back Brace and my experience with it.

The Company Behind The Smart Back Brace

The company behind the device had a total of 95 backers on Indiegogo and raised over $33,000, which is a relatively small amount. The founder, Andy Goubarev, then contributed much of his capital to finish the development of the product.

Andy invented the device after struggling with his posture for years. He had attempted to use many devices and had no luck, which prompted him to develop his own.

His innovative twist was putting a small tension sensor on the strap which would then notifying the user when they need to straighten up.

How To Use The Product

After downloading the app, you put on the Smart Back Brace, personalize it to get the correct tension, and you’re good to go. Of course, you need to be sure that the tension is comfortable for you.

smart back brace setup

My Experience With The Smart Back Brace

I had never heard of this product, as they are a relatively new company. However, it seemed like a great concept, and I was excited to try it out. When it arrived, my first impression was that packaging was nice, and the shipping fast. I received free one-day shipping. I was a little worried that the set up would be hard, as all of the pieces are separate and there are several steps to the instructions.

I turned the back brace on, before realizing that you’re supposed to charge it up first. I put the straps onto the main engine of the device and found that pretty easy. The straps are marked left and right, and the pictures in the instruction book show you how to set it up.

Downloading And Using The App

I then downloaded the app and was surprised that it only had 100 downloads for Android users. I thought it could be that primarily iPhone users that buy this product. The brace is a relatively new product, and the marketing for the company is just starting. The app is user-friendly, and I did not have any problems with Bluetooth connectivity like I have had with many other smart products that use Bluetooth. The first screen on the app shows if the device is charging, the battery life, and the options to select.

smart back brace mobile app

I decided to wait until the device was charged 100% before setting it up and testing.

Setting Up the Smart Back Brace

The next step after installing the straps, charging and downloading the app, is to “train” the device for your posture. I had a hard time connecting this time to the device, but this is because the main engine of the device shuts down to conserve power. There is a helpful note on the app that reminded me to re-energize the device by pushing the power button. It connected right away when I did this. I went ahead and did the training, which is just two steps.

I thought it would be a good idea if I slouched pretty far forward on my “bad posture” during training because I didn’t want to get buzzed five times an hour; just when posture is particularly poor. However, after wearing this for about 25 minutes, I never got a buzz. I thought this might be because I was at my computer and my posture was good enough. However, I tried to fake the device out and still did not get a buzz. I tried this several times, to the point where I decided to re-calibrate the device. I just couldn’t get it to work.

Luckily, I went to the Smart Back Brace site videos section. I watched the ‘how it works’ and ‘troubleshooting tips’ videos and found several helpful items that I was not previously aware of which then enabled me to use the device correctly.

back view of smart back brace

How to Use The Smart Back Brace Correctly

1. It only buzzes when you are in a bad posture for 5 seconds or greater.

2. You need to take the time to set up your good, and bad posture alerts accurately. I had set up my poor posture in a position that was too extreme. It was so extreme that I never had a buzz throughout the day, even when sitting at my computer.

3. Wear the device tight, but do not overtighten it. Get it to a tight yet comfortable position, then train for your good and poor posture. You will cause pain if you tighten the device too much.

4. Be prepared to re-train this several times while you are getting used to wearing the device. I trained this several times on the first day of use because I wanted to make sure it was accurate for how I wanted my posture correction. My first real buzz came when I leaned forward on my hand and rested my arm on my desk for awhile. This buzz was just what the device was meant for – to notify me when my posture is not what it should be while sitting at a desk for seven hours a day. I proceeded to get several more buzzes over several days of testing this.

What helped the most in getting used to this device was watching the videos on the Smart Back Brace site. It is critical that new buyers watch these videos to experience the best results.

Pros And Cons Of The Smart Back Brace


  • Flexibility to control your posture settings anytime you like.
  • The brace works well as a posture trainer.


  • New users must watch the videos to use the brace correctly. This device has a lot of preciseness that you must understand before using.
  • May lose connection and not buzz in the poor posture position.
  • Simply moving around may cause this device to buzz, even when your posture is good.
  • Buzz is too quiet sometimes, and I don’t always feel the buzz. With music on, I think I missed several buzzes.

Summary: My Thoughts On The Smart Back Brace

The device is a good posture product if you like to experiment with new technology.

As you go about your day, you want to avoid getting buzzed. The device keeps you in the right mindset all the time for fear of the “buzz.” I’m pleasantly surprised by the support this device gives; the straps hit the right spot on the shoulders, and if not too tight, the device gives good support, and the buzz is a benefit.

There are some improvements to be made on the device. Setting up the device could be a little easier. Many people may not think to go and look at the videos on the website, which could lead to using the device incorrectly.

The straps can also become loose if you wear for more than an hour. Also, some people may prefer to wear a brace like this all day long, but it cannot be hidden well under clothes. You’d have to deal with some funny looks if you wore this under or over your clothes and went out with it. In general, I like to stick with very simple posture correctors that don’t pull the shoulders back, and posture trainers built to wear at my desk.

Overall, this is a decent back brace trainer. If you plan on using it while you’re sitting on your computer at home, then it’s worth the investment. However, if you want something simpler, and that you can wear out and about, this is not the brace for you.

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