Why I Use a Posture Brace, and also a Posture Trainer

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From a young age, many of us are reminded how important standing straight is, and not to slouch.  Slouching made us look lazy.  However, poor posture also impacts the health of our back, neck, and shoulders.

Ask a chiropractor, and they will tell you how much trouble a poor posture can cause. Besides back pain, poor posture can cause spinal problems. (Scary, isn’t it?) Many back and neck issues, as well as problems in the shoulders, are linked to changes in the alignment of the spine due to poor posture. The good news is that regardless of whether your spine has become unaligned, it can be corrected.

For correcting your posture, most chiropractors recommend the use of a posture brace or a posture trainer. Wondering what the difference is? There’s not that much difference. However, posture corrector braces tend to be used all the time and worn anywhere, such as to work, and under your clothes. Whereas, posture trainers tend to be more invasive and work by training your mind or muscles not to slouch.

To ensure that my posture is well taken care of, I choose to use both a posture brace and a posture trainer. The brace when I am out shopping or taking a walk. The posture trainer for sitting at a desk all day at my job.

What Posture Brace and Why?

The brace that I use often is called Bax-U. Bax-U is designed to promote better posture AND spine health. It can be used on a daily basis to prevent slouching and spinal degradation, improving the function of the muscles and spine, and preventing the pain and discomfort associated with slouching.

bax-u back viewCreated by Doctor Romina Ghassemi, Bax-U is suitable for wear anywhere. The Bax-U posture corrector can be worn from just 15 minutes per day to six hours a day and can be used effectively while exercising as well as while at rest.

For me, I have found that the Bax-U brace is the most comfortable and effective brace for me. I can feel the brace straightening my back instead of only pulling the shoulders back. I can wear it comfortably under my clothes and go out while wearing it. I can feel good about my posture and not have to worry about others seeing my brace. I can wear it for long periods of time and not feel any muscle pain, which can be an issue with other posture brace.

The fact that a chiropractor invented this brace is a big selling point for me. The Bax-U also provides back support and spinal alignment, instead of just pulling my shoulders back into place.

What Posture Trainer and Why?

The posture trainer that I choose to use is called Better Back. Funded by a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Better Back trainer is meant to give better posture effortlessly by turning every chair into an ergonomic chair. It’s designed to be used for just 15 minutes a day to help train your muscles for optimal posture, ease back pain, and boost spinal health.

Unlike traditional back support systems that only focus on the lumbar region of the spine, Better Back focuses on providing pelvic support, stabilizing it and restoring your spine’s natural shape.

The Better Back posture trainer is one that I would wholeheartedly recommend – it works well for me. However, that’s my recommendation. When I use Better Back at my home desk or work, it gives me perfect rigid posture, while remaining comfortable.

When I wear the Better Back, I am extremely productive at work, with my feet flat on the floor and my sitting position fixed. I don’t get up to take a break or get a coffee. I always feel refreshed after wearing the brace for an hour or two.

There are millions upon millions of people working in offices throughout the world that should be using this product – due to both health and productivity benefits.

The Better Back is lightweight and portable, and can be easily taken from home to work and back again, so that wherever you go, you have your posture trainer available to use.


By combining these two braces, I have the best support possible while sat at my desk, at home relaxing, as well as having good posture (with a hidden brace) when I am out and about in any other public place.

I find that the posture corrector does not give me as good of posture as the Better Back does, because Better Back is training my back muscles and improving my core, so it remains 100% rigid when I sit at my desk or anywhere else for that matter, making it incredibly effective.

About the Author Michelle Davis

I plan on testing every posture corrector you can buy including braces, posture solutions at a computer, posture chairs, and smart posture devices. I blog about the products here. Drop me a line anytime for questions and I'll try to help!

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